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Installation instructions for BO-Cash® Business Management Simulation

System Requirements

Standard PC with Intel or AMD Prozessor

One of the following 32 or 64 bit operating systems:

- Microsoft Windows® 2008
- Microsoft Windows® 2008 R2
- Microsoft Windows® 2012
- Microsoft Windows® 2012 R2
- Microsoft Windows® 2016
- Microsoft Windows® 7
- Microsoft Windows® 8
- Microsoft Windows® 8.1
- Microsoft Windows® 10

To install the software and for the first start of BO-Cash, you should have administrative permissions
For the HTML help, you need a web browser - (optional)
For the use of MAPI functionality, MS Outlook is required (optional)


Download the setup.exe on a local drive or use an installation CD ROM

Installation with administative permissions (local Admin or System Admin)

Doubleclick the setup.exe
Follow the instructions of the setup program.

- "Typical" for a user installation
- "Full" for the trainer computer to install all options and the administravie help

After the installation please start and logon to BO-Cash to check if everything worked fine.

Installation with user permission (no administrative permissions)

Dependent from the setting of your local system, you maybe able toi install BO-Cahs also without administrative permission. In this case - or if you are unsure about your permissions -  proceed in the following way:

Right click setup.exe and select with "run as administrator"
Follow the instructions of the setup program
Navigate to the target directory (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\BO-Cash
Right click Bocash32.exe and select with "run as administrator"
Logon to the program

After this first procedure, you can start BO-Cash with the installed program icon.

This procedure makes sure, that the program can write all needed information to the correct locations.
If this procedure fails, you do not have the minimal permissions for installing the program. Please consult your system administration for appropriate permission or to proceed the installation.

For your fist login, please use the following user-ids and passwords
(Passwords are case sensitive!):
As Coach:
User Name: LSAdmin
Password: Password
As User of the sample-group:
User Name: Demo1
Password: Demo1
As user for the online client
User Name: Planspiel
Password: keep empty!

Messages while setup
Setup can not modify or register file which are in use. You should close all running applications before you start the setup.

Otherwise, not necessarily all files, which setup can't replace or register may have an influence of the correct working of the program.

If you have any installation problems, please feel free to contact us:

++49 - 234 - 9701363

or via e-mail:

You will find more information about BO-Cash® within the Support-Section

After Installation
Setup will change some permissions within the installation folder of BO-Cash. However, if you have a restricted system i.e. in a corporate network, it may be necessary to change some permissions by your administrator.

If you have problems to start or while the login, please check the permissions for the database-folder:


You must have the change permission (RWXD) for this folder.

Just like that, you may not have enough rights to write to the registry database. If your administrator installs the program, please login at least once with administrative permissions before you make a login under your user account. This insures that the correct information can be written to the registry before you use the program as normal user.

Starting the Installation
Please follow the link above. From there, you can start the download or setup. If you click on the symbol, the program will ask you, whether to save or to open the file.

Please choose the button "Open" or "Execute".

Follow the instructions of the setup program.

To the download

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