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Upgrade Instructions for BO-Cash®, Version 2.8x Business Management Simulation

General Hints
The BO-Cash setup is based on Microsoft® Installer 2.0, which usually runs all necessary steps. Older versions are delivered with the Installer version, which was available at this time. If you are unsure, which version you have installed, please follow these steps as a precaution.

Before the Upgrade
Dependent on your installed version, the BO-Cash setup will uninstall the existing version and will install a new one. Usually, the setup will take over all existing settings. If you have an older version of BO-Cash, it maybe reasonable to make a backup of a few files, before you start the setup

If you want to keep your existing databases, please make a backup of the files:


You can find these files usually in the directory:
C:\program files\BO-Cash\Data\

As far as you do not have a copy of your logo-file anymore, make a backup of the file:

- BCashL32.DLL

You can find this file usually in the directory:
C:\program files\common\logic systems\

You can also uninstall BO-Cash manually by using the system settings or by the setup program of your existing installation.

For program versions before 2.8xx, you always should uninstall the program manually!

Starting the Installation
Double-click the file SETUP.EXE, which you have downloaded before.

During Installation
Install the new version in the same way your old version was setup.

More information about the different setup options can be found within the admin help of your existing installation or on your installation-CD.

Messages while setup
Setup can not modify or register file which are in use. You should close all running applications before you start the setup.

Otherwise, not necessarily all files, which setup can't replace or register may have an influence of the correct working of the program.

After Installation

usually, the setup will not replace any newer files, as long as you have not explicitly chosen this option.

If you user login is not working anymore, you should copy the files:


back to the directory, from where you have made the backup, usually
C:\program files\BO-Cash\Data\

If you cannot see your logo anymore, copy the file

- BCashL32.DLL

back to the directory, from where you have made the backup, usually
C:\program files\common\logic systems\

the logo-file should be recognized automatically, but will be effective only after you restart BO-Cash.

Other Hints
To use all new functionalities, you should also upgrade all of your clients.

If You have Problems

If you have any installation problems, please feel free to contact us:

++49 - 234 - 9701363

or via e-mail:

You will find more information about BO-Cash® in the Support-Section

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